Photography Group

The Friends’ Photography Group is an enthusiastic group who engage with the Royal Botanic Gardens through photography.  The group meet monthly to either photograph a specific element within the gardens, for example; birds; buildings, Autumn colour, or alternatively the group meets to discuss how to photograph using landscape, macro imagery, black and white and many other ideas.

To join the Friends Photo Group you need to be a member of the Friends.

A full calendar of events is normally available on our website however due to COVID-19 restrictions, a calendar will be provided once restrictions are lifted. 

All Photo walks will start at 11 am, from the Separation Tree Pavilion, near the Terrace Tearooms.

At the conclusion of all meetings and walks we will meet for lunch at the Terrace Tearooms at approximately 12.15 -12.30 pm

Most photos taken by members of the Friends’ Photography Group are presented on a our Flickr site :

All members are encouraged to upload photographs to the Group page using Flickr.