Botanic Art Classes

  • The Friends host botanic art classes every day over an eight-week term in Domain House adjacent to the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.

Depending on your class and skill level, tutors may work on a specific skill or project for a term.

Get to know our tutors and their teaching styles before choosing which class you might like to join. Our tutors have exhibited locally and internationally therefore you will be learning from some of the very best artists in Australia.

All students must be current members of the Friends to participate in classes and you must have completed a Beginner’s course before you are able to enrol in a class. If you have learnt botanic art at another location, please contact the Friends to discuss options available to you.

Classes for Term 4 2020 will be delivered online due to COVID-19 restrictions.   All classes will be presented on Zoom.  To ensure you gain the most from your class, you will need a computer/laptop or iPad with a working camera to allow you to interact within the class and receive feedback from your tutor. 

Term dates:

  • Term 4 – week commencing 12 October 2020
A term extends for eight weeks from the commencement date.  Classes are 2 hours in duration. 

Online classes times and outlines for Term 3

Class times will be the same for term 4.  Class outlines for term 4 will be updated soon. 
  • Monday 10:00am–12:00pm  (Intermediate level)   
  • Monday 1–3pm  (Beginner – Intermediate level)
  • Tuesday 6-8pm with David Reynolds (Beginner – Intermediate level)
  • Wednesday 10am-12pm with Dianne Emery (Advanced level) 
  • Wednesday 1-3pm with Dianne Emery (Beginner – Intermediate level) 
  • Thursday 1-3pm with John Pastoriza Pinol (Beginner – Intermediate level)
  • Thursday 5-7pm with John Pastoriza Pinol (Beginner – Intermediate level)
  • Friday 10am-12pm with Dianne Emery (Advanced level)
  • Saturday 10am-12pm  (Beginner – Intermediate level)
  • Saturday 1-3pm  (Beginner’s class)
  • Sunday 1-3pm with Dianne Emery (Beginner – Intermediate level)