Botanical Art Classes

Thank you for your interest in the Friends’ Botanical Art Classes.  Enrolments for Term 2, 2024 classes are now open.  Term 2 will offer face to face classes and online classes via Zoom. 

The Friends have a range of classes available for students of all skill levels from beginner through to advanced.

Most classes run for eight weeks and online classes are presented over 2 hours each week. We have classes available every day of the week, night and day, on weekdays and weekends so, we hope you are able to find a class at a time and skill level which suits you.

Outlines including the materials list for each class are provided below.  Additionally, you can read all about our amazing teaching staff to find a teaching style which suits you.

All students enrolled in classes are required to be members of the Friends. 

We hope you are able to find a class which meets your needs and we are able to welcome you to one of our classes in Term 1.

Term 2 starts on 21 April 2024.

Please note:

Priority Bookings: Bookings for Term 2 botanical art classes are open to current students until  5 April 2024.  After that date, bookings for botanical art classes open to all interested in attending a class – availability pending vacancies.

If you would like to join one of the Friends’ classes for the first time, please do not hesitate to email us on

If you have no botanical art experience, the best place to start your journey is by attending a Friends’ ‘Introduction to Botanical Art Workshop’.   Once you have completed this workshop, you will be welcome to join one of our term classes.

The Friends host botanic art classes every day over an eight-week term Online or in Domain House adjacent to the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Depending on your class and skill level, tutors may work on a specific skill or project for a term.

Get to know our tutors and their teaching styles before choosing which class you might like to join. Our tutors have exhibited locally and internationally therefore you will be learning from some of the very best artists in Australia.

All students must be current members of the Friends to participate in classes and you must have completed a Beginner’s course before you are able to enrol in a class. If you have learnt botanic art at another location, please contact the Friends to discuss options available to you.

The only exception to this are students who are participating in workshops. The difference in the price of a beginners’ workshop for members and non-members is the cost of membership therefore if you think you will continue to participate in regular classes after the Beginners’ workshop you would be better financially to join the Friends before registering for the Beginners’ workshop.

Classes for Term 1 2022  will be delivered online. 

Classes will commence in the week beginning  4 October and run for 8 weeks unless otherwise stated.

Term dates:

  • Term 1 – week commencing 30 January 2021
  • Term 2 – week commencing 26 April 2021
  • Term 3 – week commencing 19 July 2021
  • Term 4 – week commencing 4 October 2021
A term extends for eight weeks from the commencement date. Online classes are 2 hours in duration and face to face classes are 2 1/2 hours unless stated in the class outline.

Classes times and outlines for Term 2

  • Monday 10.00am – 12.30pm
    with David Reynolds
    Face to Face class (Ongoing Beginners level)
  • Monday 1.30 – 4pm
    with David Reynolds
    Face to Face class (Intermediate level)
  • Tuesday 6-8pm
    with David Reynolds

    Online Class (Intermediate level)

  • Wednesday 10:30am-1pm
    with Dianne Emery
    Face to Face Class (Intermediate/Advanced level)
  • Wednesday 1:30-4pm
    with Jessie Ford
    Face to Face Class (Ongoing Beginner/Intermediate level)
  • Wednesday 6-8.30pm
    with Jessie Ford
    Face to Face Class (Beginners level)
  • Wednesday 6-8pm
    with John Pastoriza-Pinol
    Online Class (Intermediate/Advanced level)
  • Thursday 10am-4pm
    with Jessie Ford
    Face to Face Class (Beginner level)
    9, 16, 23 and 30 May
  • Thursday 10am-4pm
    with  Craig Lidgerwood
    Face to Face Class (Intermediate level)
    13, 20, 27 June and 4 July
  • Friday 10:30am-1:30pm
    with Dianne Emery
    Face to Face Class (Intermediate/Advanced level)
  • Saturday 10am-12pm
    with David Reynolds
    Online Class  (Intermediate level)
  • Sunday 2-4pm
    with Craig Lidgerwood
    Online Class (Intermediate level)
  • Sunday 10am-4pm

    with Miffy Gilbert
    Face to Face Class (Beginner level)
    11, 25 Feb and 10, 24 March


Online Classes – $275.00

Face to face Classes – $289.00
Except Friday class – $336.00


To book for art classes, please log in to your account.