Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Information

Sign In Problems and Website Questions

Q. I have forgotten how to log in. I have forgotten my user name or password.

Go to the Members Log In page under the Members tab. This contains instructions on how to log in for the first time. Your user name should be your current email address registered with the Friends' office. 

If you have already signed in previously, and updated your password but forgotten what to do now. Try logging in with your current email address as your user name and then click on Forgot Password.

This will provide information on how to find out and reset your password. Please do not create another new account if you already have one. 

f you continue to have problems signing in please call the Friends' office on (03) 9650 6398.

Q. I cannot get the Friends' website to display properly?  
You will probably need to enable cookies on your Web Browser's settings. Do this under Settings in Google Chrome, under Internet Options for Internet Explorer and under Options for Firefox.

Q. The dates on the events (and elsewhere) displayed on my computer are in the US format of MM/DD/YYYY and not in DD/MM/YYYY?

This is probably because your Web Browser's language settings are set for United States English. You will need to re-set the language settings for your Browser to Australian English. Do this under Settings in Google Chrome, under Internet Options for Internet Explorer and under Options for Firefox.

Apple Mac, Iphone, Ipad and Ipad Air users.

If you are having trouble with the 'Forgot Password' link and how to cut and paste the link in the Password reset email, please view the following information links to assist you in this process,-iPad,-or-iPod-Touch

How to Renew Your Membership

1.  Sign in using your email address and your password. If this is your first time signing in please go to the Members' Sign In page under the Members tab, and follow the instructions for first time users. (Once you have your user name (email address) and new password please return to this page and continue.) If you have forgotten your Sign in details do not create a new account but follow instruction for lost/forgotten password in the sign in box.

2.  When you are signed in, your name will appear at the very top of the web page between the Sign In/Out button and the shopping cart symbol. Go to your Member Account page. To get to your Member Account page, either click on your name (at top of page) or the My Account tab under the Members tab. This will take you to your Member Account page.  Your Membership type is listed at the top of this page. 

3.  In the left hand column you will see a large red 'Renew Now' button. (If your renewal is not due at this time, the button will be greyed out). If red, then click on the Renew Now button and follow the prompts. This will renew your current Membership type automatically and you can pay securely with your credit card. If you wish to add a donation you may do so at this point.

4.  If you wish to change your Membership type then please contact the office on (03) 9650 6398 or for further instructions.

5.  If you are currently a 3 year membership type (now no longer available) and are unable to renew, please contact the office on (03) 9650 6398 or for further instructions.

6.  Once your Membership is renewed you will receive your new Membership Card by mail.

Membership Questions

Q. I have lost my card/my card has been stolen.

Please call the Friends' office on (03) 9650 6398 to order a new card. An administration fee may apply.

Q. I am waiting for my card to arrive but want to come to a plant sale or other Friends' event. Or I have forgotten to bring my card to a plant sale. Can I still access my membership discount?

Yes. You can still obtain your membership discount by leaving your details with the check out staff or Friends member on duty.

Q. I want to purchase items at one of the retailers who give discounts to members of the Friends' but I have forgotten my card. Can I still receive a discount?

The retailer may not be able to give a discount without production of your membership card.  You may have to have the items put aside and return with your card to receive your discount.

Events Booking Instructions and Questions

Q. How do I find out about all Members Events and Benefits?

Events are listed on the website under EventsThe Botanic News magazine highlights all Member events & activities for the Friends. The  eNews will also keep you up to date on what's happening with the Friends. Email or call the Friends' office to give us your email address so you can receive this.

Member Benefits can be found under the Members>Member Benefits tab on the website.

Q. How do I book for Friends' Events and Activities?

Bookings may be made ONLINE via the Events list page on the website for all events and workshops. Botanic Art term classes will need to booked direct via the Friends' office on (03) 9650 6398.

To make an online booking go to the Events page. 
Please use your existing sign in details to sign into your account (ie your current registered email address is your user name, and your password or use the "forgot password/username" links). Do not create a new account. 

If you are a new user or if you don't know or can't remember your sign in details follow instructions on Member Sign In page. If you are having trouble signing in please contact the Friends' office on (03) 9650 6398

Click on the event that you want to book. This will then display details about the event. To book click the Register Myself button. This will add your booking to the shopping cart.  

To book for guest tickets to an event please use facility at the bottom of the event listing. 

You may go back to the list of events, choose another event and register for that as well.

Once you have finished registering for events, then go to the Shopping Cart page and pay for the bookings.

Members wishing to make manual bookings, please use the downloadable booking form on the Booking Instructions page and send to the Friends' Office.

Non-members wishing to make a booking for themselves, please create a new account or log in using a previously set up account (do not create a new account if you have a previously set up account). Or use the downloadable booking form on the Booking Instructions page and send to the Friends' Office.

The Events booking form comes with Botanic News magazine, but may also be downloaded from the Events Booking Instructions page on the website. Completed booking forms may be posted, faxed or scanned and attached to an email and sent to the Friends office. 

Bookings may also be made via the Friends' office either in person, email or on (03) 9650 6398.

Remember to book early for events as many book out very quickly. If an event is booked out online, call the Friends' office on (03) 9650 6398 to have your named added to a waiting list.

Q. Cancellations and refunds for events & programs?

If unable to attend an event please call the Friends' office on (03) 9650 6398. Please refer to our Refunds policy and Weather Policy for details on cancellations and refunds, found under the About Us tab.

Q. Can I take a non Member to a Member only event such as a Member Only Nursery Plant Sale?


Not normally. If you would like to bring a non Member to a Member only event, this is only possible if the Non Member joins the Friends at the event to receive this benefit.

Q. Is there Disabled Access?

Disabled access is available for most Friends' events held in or near the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. Please phone the Friends' office on (03) 9650 6398 before booking or attending an event to obtain Disabled access information.

Q. How do I find the locations for Friends' events?

All locations and directions to events held in and around the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, can be found in the Events information on the website, in Botanic News or on the Booking Instructions Page on the website. Downloadable Location maps showing how to find the Friends, as well as the various venues, can be found on the Contact Us page as well as the Booking Instructions page.

Events held elsewhere will have directions in the Event information. If unsure of directions please phone the Friends' office on (03) 9650 6398.


Note: The Friends' Inclement Weather Policy states that outdoor events may be cancelled and the Nursery will not be open for sales if the temperature is predicted to be 33 degrees Celsius or above. 

Please read all Terms and Conditions and The Friends' Refunds Policy for Event bookings and Botanic Art Classes and Workshops bookings.

If an event if booked out please phone the Friends office (03 9650 6398) to have your name placed on a waiting list.

If you continue to have trouble with any of the above please phone the Friends' office (03 9650 6398) for assistance.