Technical Information

This  page will contain technical information, items of interest to photographers, link to interesting information as well as links to larger articles eg Camera Types

Guide to Photographic Terms

The dPS Ultimate Guide to Photography Terms - Glossary of Common Word and Phrases v2 is available to download (below).

Guide to Photographic Terms
(Adobe PDF File)

Camera Types

The Photo Group meeting in July 2017 contained a discussion of Camera Types. Further information about the five Major Camera Types can be found on the Camera Types page.

Macro Photography

Following the talk on Macro photography by Richard Kirsner we have now made available his slides. You may download them below.
(Adobe PDF File)


Here is a link to a video from the Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London which will give you an understanding of the taxonomy of plants.

The National Herbarium of Victoria

Further information about The National Herbarium of Victoria located in the Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens can be found here - National Herbarium of Victoria - this page contains youtube videos about the herbarium narrated by RBGV staff.

How Photography Changed the World

'How photography changed the world' Chelsea and Tony Northrup -  This link is to the Youtube video which takes 38 minutes to run, or you may view the video below.

Photoshop Hints and Tips

Here is a series of quick tips from Julieanne Kost - ADOBE, which may be of benefit.

The National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL)

Photographic Tutorials

Here are a variety of links to tutorials on You tube. There is no specific order intended in the list. They should click through to You tube if not please cut and paste into their search box. 
Glyn Dewis
Blue Lightning TV Photoshop
Terry White
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Photoshop Training Channel
Anthony Morganti
Tony & Chelsea Northrup
The Gary Fong Channel
Matt Granger
Arunz Creation
rafy A
Photoshop Tutorials
LinkedIn Learning Solutions