Of all of the techniques that the Fibre Group at the Plant Craft Cottage have explored this year Scrumbling has probably generated the most interest and comment. Scrumbling is another name for free-form crochet and knitting. This means that there are no patterns, rules or limits, and craftspeople can be as creative and adventurous as they like.

The activity involves making small fragments of knit or crochet fabric preferably in irregular shapes, with interesting, textured yarns and a variety of colours. A piece may combine both knitting and crochet and include three dimensional elements such as fringes, tassels or bobbles. The fragments are then joined together to perhaps become a tea cosy, a bag or even a garment. The outcome and articles created depend only on one’s imagination.

There are books and websites to look at for inspiration, particularly those of Prudence Mapstone. This sample featured below shows a piece of work created by members of the Fibre Group. The photo was taken by the author.

Anne Dluzniak