Moth Repellent


1 cup lavender 
1 cup rosemary sprigs 
1 cup tansy 
1 cup wormwood  
1 cup southernwood 
1 cup santolina
½ cup chopped bay leaves
½ cup cinnamon sticks roughly  ground
½ cup cloves roughly ground 
½ cup citrus peel roughly ground

Mix cloves, cinnamon and citrus peel together and add to the chopped herbs. This will fill approximately ten small sachets.


Either on a dry day before the sun is too hot, or late afternoon, gather unblemished fragrant material and dry in a well-ventilated spot, never in direct sunlight. Herbs such as mints and scented pelargoniums will dry quicker if stripped from the stem, rosemary can be removed from stem in sprigs when fresh. Other herbs can be hang-dried in small bunches.

Remove citrus peel (a fixative) with either a ‘zester’ or a vegetable peeler avoiding all white pith. It can be dried on top of the refrigerator and roughly ground before use. Use whole spices where possible and grind in a mortar or blender.

When combining the mixture, seal in an airtight container (not plastic).  Leave to mature for approximately six weeks, shaking every few days to blend the ingredients and develop the fragrance.