Creative Residency Program at the Cottage

Summer Artist in Residence

Anna Dunnill - 25 February to 20 March 2020


Anna Dunnill is an artist and writer. Her current project explores ideas of ritual, devotion and interconnectedness through ancient fibre processes such as weaving and dyeing. Anna will continue this research during her residency in the PCC, experimenting with plant dyes to produce new woven works.

Creative Residency Project at Plant Craft Cottage.

The Creative Residency Project is a program designed to engage Melbourne based artists and makers who specifically use natural fibres or plant materials or artists working with botanical themes. 

At the Plant Craft Cottage, we cherish the handmade and value the sharing and passing on of traditional and contemporary knowledge and skills. The Creative Residency Project is another forum for attracting people to the cottage and sharing knowledge and skills. The project will see various artists or specialist craft groups such as Basketry Victoria or our very own Photography Group, create ‘mini’ exhibitions in the cottage throughout the year. Artists will be creating work onsite and sharing their artistic insights and skills with visitors to the Plant Craft Cottage along with teaching workshops and presenting illustrated talks.

The Creative Residency Project will also provide the artists with an opportunity to be enriched and inspired by the beauty and magic of the gardens.  


Anna Dunnill - Summer Artist in Residence



Eddy Carrol - Textile artist - our inaugural artist-in-residence