The State Botanical Collection 

The State Botanical Collection is held in the Library at The National Herbarium of Victoria.  The Library's collection of botanical art includes the work of some of Australia's best-known botanical artists, including Anita Barley, Mali Moir, Enid Mayfield, Celia Rosser, Margaret Stones and Betty Conabere. Over 5,000 botanical artworks are held in the Library.
At each The Art of Botanical Illustration Exhibition, the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne purchases botanical artwork for the State Botanical Collection.

Works purchased with funds donated by the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne ($5,000); the Director's Circle ($5,000) and the RBG Library Aquisition Fund ($1,600) at The Art of Botanical Illustration 2014


Brugmansia sanguinea 'Red Angel's Trumpet' by Karen White; Cynara cardunculus var. fortissima 'Artichoke Thistle' by Debra Bartlett; Rhodosphaera rhodanthema 'Deep Yellow Wood'  by Angela Lober; Castanea sativa 'Sweet chestnut' by Marta Salamon