Enjoy both the Friends’ Preloved Book Sale and our first Plant Sale in over two years.
That is music to everyone’s ears! 
Over the last few months we have collected over 1000  fabulous pre-loved books for you to browse at the books sale and add to your collections.  Quality books about Gardens, speciality plants, botanic art, gardening and so much more.  We are also still collecting so if you have some books you no longer use and you think others will enjoy, please contact us and we can organise pick up and drop off events@frbgmelb.org.au
Whilst you are at the book sale on the Saturday, pop down to the lawn in front of the Glasshouses (the usual spot for our plant sales) to pick up some gorgeous plants for your garden or Christmas gifts. Advanced trees, luscious Vireyas and so many more plants will be available.  The Growing Friends are happy to be back in the nursery and are all looking forward to seeing you. 
Don’t miss the opportunity to pick up some great pre-loved books (some of the books we have received are just amazing!) and some quality plants from your favourite nursery. 
Pre-loved Book SaleSaturday and Sunday 4-5 December 10am – 3pm.  Friends’ Plant SaleSaturday 4 December 10am – 3pm. See you there!