Plant Craft Cottage Gardening Group

The gardening group at Plant Craft Cottage has been busy this week doing what convenor Lesley is calling ‘the big autumn prune that didn’t happen last year’. Enormous rogue salvias are being tamed, a wild looking lemon verbena has had a proper cut back and all the vines along the fences have received a good haircut too. Weeding the beds of course is a big job and the group has been hard at it. Happily, there is much to admire popping up between the larger plants being tended. Clusters of jonquils and daylilies have begun to flower as have the indigo plants by the shed (replanted after a short holiday with the RBG horticulturists when the shed was being repaired). Pink and cream begonias bob their pretty jewelled heads as your brush past them along the path to the front door of the cottage and deep green ivy drapes poetically down the rock walls by the back gate. We look forward to welcoming you back to Plant Craft Cottage when we open for 2021 later this month.

Rose and Francisca working in the PCC Garden

Day Lily