The Celia Rosser Award was created to commemorate Celia’s significant international achievements as a botanical artist.

Celia is best known for her stunning illustration of ‘The Banksias’, a 3-volume monograph of the entire 76 species of the genus Banksia known at the time which is regarded as one of the most finest collections of botanical paintings in the world.

This Award reflects Celia’s achievements and is presented to exhibiting artists whose works show excellence in one or more aspects of the art form including the highest degree of scientific accuracy.

This year, we would like to congratulate the winners of this year’s Celia Rosser Award:

Dianne is a third time winner of the Celia Rosser Award which clearly demonstrates her exceptional talents as a botanical artist. 

Joanne Knott, is a first time award winner, but must feel an enormous sense of pride receiving this award from Celia for her painting of a Banksia. 

Additionally, Celia would also like to make Honourable Mention to the following artists:

Haya is a student of Dianne Emery’s online botanic art classes conducted via the Friends of the Gardens.  Haya is based in the United Arab Emirates and gets up at 4am each Friday to attend her online classes.

Eunike is from Indonesia.


Congratulations to all artists for this wonderful achievement.

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