Launching our New Website and Membership Program

If you are reading your botanic news, you will have visited the Friends new website. It is modern, easy to read and navigate and we hope you love it. 

The new website came out of necessity to improve the user experience when booking events, renewing your membership, finding details about the next art exhibition or art classes, the opening hours of Plant Craft Cottage or our latest news. 

We are hope now you can find anything you could possibly want to know about the Friends and are able to book events and renew your membership easily. 

Coinciding with a new website, is the launch of our new membership program, TidyHQ. 

The use of TidyHQ was also born out of necessity to improve the user experience for our members and the staff and office volunteers who manage your memberships and event bookings. 

Using TidyHQ has several benefits for the Friends, including time and cost savings and as ‘Tidy’ is a Melbourne based company, support is local which is important when things aren’t quite working the way they should…not that we are expecting any issues. 

From now, all memberships will be processed via TidyHQ. Renewal letters will be automatically sent to you without staff or office volunteers doing anything. This, together with many other fabulous features will provide significant time savings for the office allowing us to concentrate on delivering other wonderful programs and initiatives for you. 

We hope you will take some time after you have read you Botanic News, to explore the website site and next time you need to renew your membership, we hope you will enjoy the simplicity of TidyHQ. 

Georgina and Jill

The Friends Office